Deadly Cyclone Mocha thrashes Myanmar, Bangladesh, kills at least 3

A powerful cyclone is hitting the coastlines of Bangladesh and Myanmar after intensifying into the equivalent of a category-five storm.

Cyclone Mocha is bringing heavy rain and winds of up to 195kph (120mph), which could see dangerous flooding on land around the Bay of Bengal.

Storm surges of up to four metres could swamp villages in low-lying areas.

There are fears it may hit the world’s largest refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar, where nearly one million people live.

Forecasters warned Cyclone Mocha could be the most powerful storm seen in Bangladesh in nearly two decades. About 500,000 people have been evacuated to safer areas.

Heavy rain and driving winds began battering the region as the storm system moved to the coast, with reports of increasing disruption near the city of Sittwe, in Myanmar, from about 13:00 (07:00 GMT).

Electricity and wi-fi connections were disrupted across much of the Sittwe area, where videos show the tide rising dramatically and carrying debris down flooded streets.

Rescue teams in Sittwe said they were receiving distress calls from people trapped by flooding, but that it was still too dangerous for them to provide help.

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