DCEA destroys 807 hectares of cannabis farms

MARA: The Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) in collaboration with other security organs have destroyed 807 hectares of marijuana farms and seized 507 bags of dry marijuana at Mara River valley area in Mara region.

During a special operation conducted in Mara from October 2 – 8, the special task force also succeeded in seizing 50 bags of cannabis seeds as well as burning down two small factories that were being used in processing and packaging cannabis for transportation.

The DCEA Commissioner General Aretas Lyimo, said that in the operation, a total of 11 suspects in connection with the drugs have been arrested.

According to the Commissioner General, residents in the area had already legalized the business where they even dared to close the Village Executive Office’s office, on the basis that he is against marijuana cultivation.

“This is completely against the law. If we let cannabis cultivation continue like this and allow citizens to keep on diverting river water to irrigate cannabis, at the end of the day it will destroy the ecology at the Serengeti Park and the river in general,” the DCEA Commissioner General said.

However, Mr Lyimo asked government authorities to collaborate in protecting and managing the areas so as to eliminate cannabis business completely.

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