DC: Put more efforts to formalise businesses

DAR ES SALAAM: The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) has been advised to put more efforts in reaching businesspersons to register their businesses and promote economic growth.

The call was made recently by the Ubungo District Council Mr Hashim Komba at the BRELA and stakeholders’ exhibition in Dar es Salaam.

“BRELA should put more efforts to reach small and medium businesses that are not yet formalised to register their businesses and contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy,” Mr Komba said.

He told them to use various methods including exhibitions to strengthen relations with stakeholders by reaching all the institutions that should work closely with BRELA to facilitate formalisation of the businesses.

“It is possible that citizens are ready to formalise their businesses, register business names, open companies but in order to get there, BRELA must work closely with other institutions including the National Identification Authority (NIDA),” he said.

Mr Komba advised them to have joint online desks in the provision of their services and other various platforms including exhibitions to bring together various stakeholders with other government institutions including NIDA, which provides identification cards to citizens required by BRELA during the registration and formalisation of their activities.

On his part, the BRELA Chief Executive Officer, Godfrey Nyaisa said that the exhibition opened the door and BRELA will continue to have exhibitions in other places in the country to meet entrepreneurs and business people closely.

Mr Nyaisa said that through the exhibitions citizens will understand the availability of services that contribute to the growth and prosperity of business and the industrial sector in the country, including the services provided by various government institutions including BRELA.

The 11 government institutions participated in the exhibition with the aim to strengthen the relationship and communication between BRELA and its stakeholders in order to create awareness of the services provided by the agency as well as to get feedback on the quality of services hence can perform more.

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