Dar to host liver disease continental conference 

TANZANIA is set to host the Sixth African Scientific conference on Society for Liver Diseases in Africa (SOLDA) in September this year in Dar es Salaam.

The landmark conference is co-organised by SOLDA and Academic Medical Education, in close collaboration with the country’s Liver Cancer Group and regional societies.

It brings together a diverse range of health stakeholders including healthcare professionals, researchers and policymakers from Africa and around the world.

Local Chairperson for Conference of Liver Disease in Africa, Dr John Rwegasha made the statement during a press conference in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, during which he said the event’s central target is to empower participants with the latest knowledge, including diagnosing, preventing, treating and curing liver diseases.

Dr Rwegasha said the conference will address regional needs pertaining to curbing liver disease in Africa by developing guidelines and policies relevant to a given country as well as region.

He said the conference is a step to supporting global efforts toward elimination of hepatitis and other liver diseases, by bolding successful intervention, while promoting dissemination of evidence-based best practices on treatment of the diseases.

“The conference aims at bridging the gap between scientific advancements and clinical practice by providing a highly scientific and educational programme,” Dr Rwegasha said.

He added, “Through keynote speeches, important lectures, roundtable discussions and debates, participants will acquire knowledge and skills required to intensify the fight against liver diseases.”

He said the conference will foster interdisciplinary partnerships among researchers and healthcare professionals, building foundations for biotech transfer and finally boosting the fight against liver diseases in the continent.

Statistically, Dr Rwegasha said recent findings show that four people out of 100 have viral liver disease infection specifically Hepatitis B, either at national and international level.

However, he said the danger is increasing to drug addicted people.

Highlighting global response, he said the World Health Organisation (WHO) has set   Global Health Strategy to eliminate liver disease by 2030, globally.

He mentioned safety vaccination, safety blood transmission, needle injection safety as among the key steps committed by world nations to hit the target.

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