Dar secures credit for Mwenge-Tegeta rapid buses

THE GOVERNMENT has received a credit line from the World Bank toward the cost of the Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project (DUTP).

The project is geared to improve Dar roads as well as building addition infrastructure for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), particularly phase four that runs from Bibi Titi Road—National Library via Ali Hassan Mwinyi then Bagamoyo Road to Mwenge and connects to Ubungo through Sam Nujoma Road.

Phase four has two lots and the second one connects Mwenge and Tegeta Dawasa through Bagamoyo Road.

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) issued a tender statement on Wednesday saying it will involve the construction of BRT infrastructure phase four package A by upgrading the existing road from four lanes to six lanes and from two lanes to four lanes dual carriageway and supporting infrastructures.

According to the statement, the construction includes road works 13.5 km from National Library to Ubungo via Mwenge and 15.63 km from Mwenge to Tegeta (Dawasa).

Meanwhile, the ongoing construction of phase two of Dar’s BRT as well as the start of phase three 49.312bn/- are expected to be spent.

In 2016, Dar city launched the first phase of its BRT system. BRT, the first in the East Africa region, was timely as the city was grappling with increasing transport needs that the commuter buses were unable to meet.

The first-phase has 21 kilometres of dedicated median bus lanes running from Kimara to Kivukoni along Morogoro Road, Sokoine Drive and Kivukoni Front, with branches from Fire to Gerezani along Msimbazi Street and Magomeni to Morocco along Kawawa Road.

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