‘Dar, Mumbai relations model of South-South cooperation’

TANZANIA has commended the government of India for its continued support on development projects, which help in attaining some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) as well as in the national vision of 2025.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Amb Liberata Mulamula made the statement in New York USA, over the weekend at the occasion of commemorating India’s 75th year, since it became independent from the British rule.

The event was held to showcase the India-UN partnership in action, at India Permanent Representative to the UN in New York.

“Tanzania’s relation with India is very strong, and especially the cooperation in water and health sector that is a model of South-South Cooperation… we are so grateful and appreciative,” she said.

She further said: “the support contributes in our efforts to achieve two Sustainable Development Goals-Goal 3 of Health and Wellbeing and Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, this also helps us in the implementation of our Vision 2025.”

Elaborating, Amb Mulamula mentioned in particular the projects of water management programmes, which are implemented through the Indian Line of Credits (LOC) to improve water supply and sanitation in Dar es Salaam and Chalinze areas in Coast Region.

She said in their relations, the schemes of 178 million US  dollars (414.4bn/-)  would be handed over in December this year.

“India also supported the extension of the Lake Victoria pipeline to Tabora, Igunga, and Nzega. This project was inaugurated in January last year,” said the minister.

Other projects include  the extension of Lake Victoria pipeline to Tinde in Shinyanga Region and Shelui in Singida Region at a cost  of 10.64 million US dollars (over 24bn/-)  and the implementation of water projects  in 28  towns  across the country at a cost of 500 million (over 1tri/-).

In a related development, Amb Mulamula thanked India for contributing towards Tanzania’s preparedness in the Covid-19 fight, by especially investing more in building health infrastructure, beefing up the health workforce, enhancing national capacity to manufacture drugs, supplies, vaccines and medical equipment.

She said Tanzania and India enjoy 60 years of cordial relations and cooperation built by the Founding Fathers of the two nations, namely the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and the late Mahatma Gandhi.

She further said: “Our two countries often agree and work together in international forums like the UN on issues like combating climate change, SDGs, supporting refugees, resolving conflict in Africa, and maintaining global peace.”

India is one of the largest trading partners with Tanzania and currently seeing the East African bilateral trade accounting to 16 per cent of the foreign trade.

“We are gratified that India is one of the largest trading partners with our country, accounting for 16 per cent of Tanzania’s foreign trade. India is the country’s third-largest investor. Looking ahead, I’m confident our partnership will continue to grow to greater heights,” she pointed out.

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