Dar hospital, India’s surgeons to perform cosmetic surgery

DAR ES SALAAM: The Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH)’s Mloganzila in collaboration with surgeons from India plans to perform a one-day cosmetic surgery on October 27, this year.

Services that will be offered at the facility include reducing belly fat and restoration, reconstruction or alteration of some parts of the human body including waist, breasts, arms and hips, just to mention a few.

Speaking on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam, Mloganzila’s surgeon Erick Muhumba said that the first ever surgeon to be conducted in the country will be for only one day.

Elaborating, Dr Muhumba said that there are three types of surgery involved, one to cut a part of the stomach and remove it, the second is bypass surgery and the last being the modern one where a device is inserted into the mouth, lowered into the stomach and sewed up.

“For starters, we shall perform a corrective surgery on five people…so far two people have already paid for services and three more are needed but if the response will be bigger, then we will talk to our colleagues to see the possibility of increasing the surgery days,” Dr Muhumba said.

According to the Dr, the cost for the surgeries is 8,000 US dollars (approximately 20m/-) while other corrective surgeries will cost 7,000 US dollars 17.5m/-).

According to him, the cost for the surgeries is cheaper compared to the cost that someone can use for the same abroad.

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