Dar elects EALA representatives

THE Tanzania Parliament on Thursday elected its nine representatives into the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), with two candidates defending their seats.

It was a political contest that involved 20 candidates from the categories of women, Tanzania Mainland contestants, Zanzibar contestants and the minority representatives in the House, with each group required to produce a specific number of candidates to make the total of nine representatives.

From the group of women, three candidates were elected, namely; Angela Kizigha, Nadra Juma Mohamed and Dr Shogo Mlozi, defeating Sonia Juma Magogo, Queen Juliet Lupembe and Zainab Abdul.

The group of Zanzibaris, which attracted Dr Abdallah Hasnuu Makame, Machano Ali Machano, Anderson Ndambo, Husna Mohammed Abdullah and Engineer Mohamed Habib Mnyaa was required to produce two representatives, with Mr Machano and Dr Makame winning the race.

From the group of minority in Parliament, the tussle involved three candidates namely, Mr Ado Shaibu Ado from ACT Wazalendo, Mr Mneke Jafar Said from Civic United Front (CUF) and Mashaka Khalfan Ngole also from CUF.  This category was required to produce only one representative, and Mr Ngole came out on top.

The fourth category of candidates from Mainland Tanzania saw six candidates locking horns with only three of them required to sail through. They were James Milya, Ansar Abubakar Kachwamba, Dr Ngwalu Jumanne Maghembe, Adui Seif Kondo, Mohammed Mshamu Ngulungwa and Thomas Malima.

Dr Maghembe, Mr Milya and Mr Kachwamba emerged victors.

Candidates who were seeking re-election to the seats and became successful are Dr Makame and Mr Maghembe. Ms Kizigha, the daughter of the late Charles Kizigha, former Tanzania Standards (Newspapers) Limited (TSN)’s employee, bounced back to EALA. She served in the post from 2012 to 2017. CUF politician Engineer Mnyaa failed to defend his position.

Almost all candidates, who ‘marketed’ themselves before Members of Parliament in the debating chamber while wooing votes, campaigned along the lines of defending Tanzania’s interest in the legislative assembly.

Others spoke about their resolve to find markets for agricultural produce in other partner states, pointing out that after inclusion of DR Congo into the bloc Tanzania must now exploit fully the vast market available in the largest nation in the community.

Speaker of Parliament Dr Tulia Ackson asked the elected EALA legislators to ensure they defend Tanzania’s interests in the body.

“Tanzanians are sending you to EALA to represent them. We expect you to deliver to the expectations of the government and the Tanzanian people,” she said.

The tenure of the current EALA expires in December, this year. As per the rules, the new EALA members from each member state must be elected 90 days before the expiry of the tenure of the existing Parliament.

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