Cyclone Freddy: Winds and rain lash Mozambique as storm arrives

Mozambique is being lashed by rain, powerful winds and flooding as Cyclone Freddy makes landfall for the second time in a month.

The southern African nation has received more than a year’s worth of rainfall in the past four weeks.

Freddy may become the longest-lasting storm on record, having formed to the north-west of Australia 34 days ago.

One person is reported to have died, bringing the death toll to at least 28 since the storm first made landfall.

The cyclone made its second landfall near the eastern seaport of Quelimane at around 22:00 (20:00 GMT) on Saturday.

People have been urged to move into temporary shelters – including schools, churches and warehouses.

More than half a million people could be at risk of a humanitarian crisis this time around, according to local disaster agencies.

As the high winds hit the country, one person died when his house collapsed, Reuters news agency quotes state channel TVM as saying.

Source : BBC

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