Cultivate culture of reading books, Nape tells Tanzanians

TANZANIANS have been reminded to develop a culture of reading books to broaden their knowledge on various aspects of life.

The call was raised by Minister for Information, Communications and Information Technology Nape Nnauye during the official opening ceremony of The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Tanzania 2022, held at the Diamond Jubilee Hall.

Minister Nape said cultivating the culture of reading books among Tanzanian societies was fundamental in broadening people’s understanding on different issues that are important in their daily lives.

“There is a lot to learn in our daily lives, I urge my fellow Tanzanians to develop the habit of reading books as they carry messages that are crucial for development at individual and national level,” he said.

Mr Nape said that the habit of reading books among Tanzanians is diminishing in recent years as compared to the past where people used to read a lot and get informed on various issues.

“I’m calling on my fellow Tanzanians to come and visit this largest book sale with a good discount that will revive our culture in reading books for the sake of attaining more knowledge,” he insisted.

Nape thanked the Big Bad Wolf for their vision and seeing the importance of bringing the book sale and sharing with Tanzanians the wonderful benefits of reading books at very affordable prices.

On his part, Big Bad Wolf co-founder, Andrew Yap said they are very grateful and feel privileged to have minister Nape at the sale, adding that it is a momentous milestone in achieving their goals to make the books accessible among Tanzanians.

“We at Big Bad Wolf Book sale are very grateful and privileged to have minister Nape Nnauye with us here. This indeed is a milestone for us as we journey into Africa, kicking the sale off in Tanzania as our first destination.

“Our mission has always been to cultivate reading habits, increase English literacy worldwide and build a new generation of readers,” said Mr Yap.

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