CSO week to devise best way of utilising AI for benefit of society

TANZANIA: AT LEAST 500 participants are expected to attend the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Week 2023, where various topics based on technological matters will be discussed, including the best way of utilizing Artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the benefit of society.

Briefing the media about the event, Executive Director for the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) Mr Francis Kiwanga, said among the topics that will be discussed in CSO week is the use of AI, stressing they will look at the opportunities and the effects that exist in technology.

“We are going to discuss the best way to use AI for development as well as taking precautions so that it is not misused and destroying our national unity and values,” Mr Kiwanga underlined.

Adding: “The discussions will facilitate collaboration and innovation to maximise the potential of technology in advancing social development and addressing pressing challenges faced by the country.”

Regarding the event he added that CSO Week directs its efforts towards ensuring the optimum participation of actors from diverse sectors.

He said the week aimed at bringing together CSOs, policymakers, technologists and stakeholders to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge on leveraging technology for positive societal impact in Tanzania.

“The week brings together key development actors and is aimed at the enhancement of relations and partnerships geared at bolstering civil society’s engagement in Tanzania’s development, forging new and strengthening existing collectives aimed at addressing key development challenges and generating and exchanging ideas,” he said.

Mr Kiwanga said CSO Week 2023 would explore the intersections of civil society and technology.

“Our world is changing rapidly due to the digital revolution we are living through and has the potential to modify society structures even more. Understanding these changes, overcoming the difficulties they create and taking advantage of the opportunities they present need conversations about the junction of technology and society,” Mr Kiwanga said.

He further noted that the CSO Week 2023 is the fifth in a series of similar events held in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and will be held under the theme “Tech and Society: Then, Now and Beyond”.

Adding: “the theme captures the dynamic journey we are on, by reflecting on the past, examining the present, and imagining the future, we can thoughtfully steer technology’s influence on society.”

For her part, In-Country Representative at Malala Fund, Ms Nuria Mshare highlighted other topics to be discussed on CSO week that will be held in from October ,23 to 27 in Arusha including climate smart digital tools for agriculture and market Access to smallholder farmers.

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