Cricket legends eye on Samia appeal

TANZANIA: CRICKET Legends Union appeals for all members to join forces in identifying former players and introduce them to the group as part of support to President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s efforts to develop and promote sports.

Legends Union Group Leader Kanu Rathod told the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ on Friday that efforts have been made to have more members.

The Birmingham-based Rathod said that among others the initiatives aim at harmonising friendship and also joining hands in supporting the Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) development agenda and adhere President Samia’s calls to boost the sports sector.

“If you know, any other cricket Legends from Tanzania, who are living in Tanzania and those who are abroad based, make them aware and join our group.

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“This will also help them to associate with their long-lost colleagues, who played together and to bring back their memories. “And also benefit especially who living abroad to meet members which they have missed out since they migrated from Tanzania,” insisted Rathod.

He noted that inviting them will help them from loneliness as more people are ageing and isolated, but also their advice and support can be valuable in the game.

“It’s a kind of meditation to help and support the dementia, let join hand in strengthening the union group,” he added.

Rathod appealed to all Tanzania citizens who’s their families were involved to get in touch with him on WhatsApp at +447739396306 to support President Samia’s efforts in promoting and developing country sports.

Rathod was recently quoted by this paper saying that back on May 21, 2021, after having brainstormed with like-minded friends, launched a WhatsApp Group for Tanzania’s Veteran Cricketers.

“I did not even dream of the distance that this group would cover to reach the stage where we are today,” was quoted as saying.

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He emphasizes that the objective was very simple to resurrect the history of cricket that once upon a time – bound them together in the world of cricket in the then Tanganyika and now what is called ‘Authentic Tanzania’.

In 2022 the legends living abroad and those from Tanzania for the first time reunited at the special festival organised in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. The Union has so far organised a second tour to be held in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo, Coast region in October this year.

The October tour is also part of the sports tourism boosts.

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