Cricket legends envision brighter 2023

AFTER  stamping a successful Tanzania Veteran Cricketers’ Reunion tour last year, a group of cricket legends has geared up to take a step forwards for phase two of the tour which will bring the veterans and young players together.

The idea is to promote and develop the game in both Tanzania Mainland and the Isles while also finding appropriate means to groom the high-skilled cricket generation.

Over 39 former country’s top  cricketers now based in the USA, England, Canada, India, and Dubai, led by the most senior delegate, Ramesh Patel, 86, joined their fellow veterans in the historical event whose one of the objectives was to push forward sport’s development agenda and harmonise friendship.

In history-making, the cricket legends coloured 2022 the Patel Brotherhood Patel Samaj (PBPS) Cricket Festival held in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

Kanu Rathod, the Cricket Reunion’s Group Administrator told the ‘Daily News’ that 2022 was very successful for the group drawing on board with over 70 members. He lauded them and gave full credit to the entire group for their support.

“During the Cricket Reunion Tour in October 2022, we deliberated on a possible expansion of group activities in 2023,” he said.

“This includes creating our website carrying group national and international sports news focusing on cricket and cricketers in the Mainland and Zanzibar,” he said.

Also, to be executed this year include creating an outreach programme that lures young males and females to join the group to carry forward the legacy of the membership which agreed to be together for the love of the game.

Another veteran was Captain Tarlochan Sandhu who complimented all the participants, hosts, sponsors, supporters, and internationals who joined the Reunion Team in Dar and Zanzibar.

“2022 will be treasured for long…,” Sandhu said.

Dinesh Vaishnav, one of the group administrators, also conveyed his heartiest congratulations to Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) Chairman Premjibhai Pindaria and his management team after being elected to lead the cricket governing body.

Vaishnav added: “Many of us have seen promotional and development activities at TCA. It is satisfying to see the game grow day in and out.

“Members of this group, however, strongly feel that there is a need to bring Zanzibar cricket closer to the mainstream as we have seen it in the Mainland.”

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