Cricket legends applaud new TCA Leaders

TANZANIA: CRICKET Legend of Tanzania Group Lead, Kanu Rathod and Senior Group Admins and Legends joined in welcoming the newly elected Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) Chairman Balakrishan Sreekumar.

In the joint statement issued by Group Leader Rathod, they congratulated the TCA new office bearers saying that it has been their tradition to have the TCA chairman with them in the group.

“With Sreekumar on board, we are sure of gaining his vast experience in good governance for the good of the game we love (cricket),” he said.

He stated that it also allows them to share their days of cricket and in this way assured Dr Sreekumar and his team full support in the activities of TCA.

“We say ‘Happy New Year’ to TCA leaders with assurance of full cooperation for the good of the game,” he insisted.

He added: “It is also learnt that the Cricket Legends and many other cricketers have renewed their resolve to collect maximum information on the cricket history of Tanzania and come out with a comprehensive publication provisionally titled “A to Z of Cricket in Tanzania.” He said that the Legends will be in detailed and official conversation with the leaders of TCA.

Other Legends Group leaders in the joint statement to welcome the TCA chairman are senior Admin Bashir Tejani and senior management member Kishore Gajjar. Rathod also shows Legends gratitude to former TCA Chairman Premjibhai Pindoria, who said have worked hard in the last four years in TCA engineering to develop cricket in various regions of the country where cricket was not played at all.

“His ideas in promoting the game from the grassroots from the schools were tremendous. We wish him all the best and most continuous support to the new administration, which requires the love of cricket in Tanzania. Thank you, Premjibhai,” stressed Rathod.

Meanwhile, the report also states that funeral Services for Late Cricket Legend Babu Chohan will be held on Friday 5th January. Group Lead Rathod is scheduled to attend the ceremony representing the Cricket Legends.

Chohan, who represented the Tanzania National squad from 1959 for almost two decades, died in Manchester, England 28th December at the age of 90.

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