Cricket legend Chohan laid to rest

MANCHESTER: CRICKET Legends Reunion Group Leader, Kanu Rathod has represented the cricket fraternity as hundreds paid last respects to Legendary Cricket Star Late Babu Chohan in Manchester, England.

Representing the Legends on Friday, Rathod’s eulogy expressing deep sympathies to the Chohan family at the funeral that was televised live through an online channel.

Jay Gadhvi and Satish Solanki accompanied Birmingham-based Rathod.

The family led by eldest son Darmesh was highly appreciative of the moral support offered by the Cricket Legends of Group and other living Veterans from Tanzania and abroad.

“Myself and Jay (Ghadvi) have reached the Manchester Hotel safely for Babu Chohan’s funeral, I have just spoken to his son Dharmesh. He has asked to share the funeral links.

Please make some time to say your prayers for our legend, Babu Chohan,” was quoted as saying Rathod before funeral services.

“May the departed soul remain in eternal peace,” said Reunion Group senior administrator Dinesh Vaishnav.

Many Legends have also expressed their heartfelt thoughts and thanks to their representatives.

They are greatly appreciated for taking time and effort with fellow members to attend the final rites of beloved Chohan said deserving tribute as he was a Legendary Tanzania cricketer and amicable personality.

“Thanks, friends, for representing the group at Babubhai’s funeral,” said Vinoo Valambia.

Rajni Vaghela said: “Thank you Rathod paying tribute, on behalf of ex Tanzania Cricketers May Shree Babubhai Chohan rest in heavenly abode.”

Renowned former National Cricket Team Captain, Chohan, died in Manchester, England on 28th December at the age of 90 according to Rathod.

Chohan represented the Tanzania National Squad from 1959, on for almost two decades.

He also represented and captained the East African squad and played for Tanzania and East Africa, along with other stars like R. D. Patel, Late Badru Bhamji, Praful Mehta, Suresh Rawal, Pranlal, Vasant Tapu, Firoz Bhanji and Firoz Goa described Rathod.

He turned to coaching aspiring national cricketers like Hitesh Patadia and Taher Amijee amongst other young players.

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