Cricket fraternity mourns Gowa

DAR ES SALAAM: THE cricket fraternity in Tanzania mourns the passing of revered member Mohamed Gowa.

Gowa, a cricket legend in Tanzania, passed on while in Dar es Salaam. Kanu Rathod, the Reunion Group Administrator, expressed his deep sadness upon getting the news, describing Gowa as a great man, emphasising the significant loss his passing translates to the community.

“Very sad to learn our legendary cricketer Mohammed (Gowa) passed away. He was a great man and I used to go and see him at Saifee Hardware every time I visited Dar es Salaam. A big loss for our group and the community,” he said.

Dinesh Vaishnav, a Senior Reunion Group Administrator, honoured Gowa’s memory, highlighting his standing as a fine gentleman and sportsman.

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Gowa participated in the first Legends Reunion Festival in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar in October 2022 and was a former player for the Tanzania national team in 1977.

Other cricket legends, including Bashir Tejan and Raza Kara, also paid tribute to Gowa, emphasising his impactful role in Tanzanian cricket and his positive character. Kulbir Singh Gupta also remembered Gowa as a competitive and gentlemanly cricketer, reminiscing about their shared experiences of playing cricket on various types of grounds.

“Both Gowa and I saw the evolution of the game, having played abundantly on coconut coir carpet, Jute carpet, Astroturf, and finally on the Poulana grass mixed with claygrass turf. In one of the chances ‘get-togethers’ in the shop he was in.”

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