CRDB supports Tanga education infrastructure

TANGA: The CRDB Bank has constructed two classrooms and a teachers’ office at the Chuda Primary School for the disabled in Tanga Region, complementing the government efforts in offering and ensuring more people with better social services.

This was mentioned by the Tanga Regional Commissioner, Waziri Kindamba, during the award ceremony for the winner of CRDB Bank’s ‘Tisha and Tembocard Tukakiwashe Afcon’ furniture campaign.

In collaboration with the government, the bank facilitated the construction of two classrooms and a teachers’ office at Chuda Primary School, delivered 50 desks to schools in the Muheza District and sponsored the Tanga Regional Investment Forum held last month.

Mr Kindamba emphasised the significant role the financial institution plays in enabling Tanzanians to utilise digital financial services.

“CRDB isn’t just a major partner of the government in implementing development projects but directly impacts citizens in various ways, thus uplifting them economically,” he said.

He added, “Today, the world has become a global village, allowing individuals to sell to others worldwide without even meeting.

All this is achievable due to robust communication systems, particularly in payment methods that CRDB advocates,”

He commended the efforts, stating, “I congratulate you for these initiatives as the government strives to ensure the inclusivity of citizens in financial services, a pivotal way to expedite economic development,”

On his part, the Head of CRDB Bank’s Card Services Unit, Farid Seif noted that the campaign, launched early last month, will run until February, next year, and offers various prizes, including home furniture and electronic devices.

“Within these three months, CRDB plans to distribute these prizes in three phases to allow numerous existing and new customers who join during the campaign period to partake in the winnings,” he stated.

He highlighted, “The bank has announced the winner of home furniture and tickets to Afcon. Our customer Evelyne Gasper has a ticket to Ivory Coast to witness next year’s Afcon finals,”

Mr Seif urged other customers and Tanzanians at large to enroll in CRDB Bank’s services to stand a chance to win these prizes as many opportunities remain, emphasising that anyone can emerge victorious by using their TemboCard to pay for goods.

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