CRDB offers 470m/- in prizes for 3rd season of Simbanking campaign

DAR ES SALAAM: CRDB Bank has launched the third season of the ‘Benki ni SimBanking’ campaign and set aside 470m/- in prizes geared to encourage the use of digital systems in the country.

CRDB’s Director of Retail Banking Mr Bonaventure Paul said on Wednesday that the campaign aims to create a culture of digital use in financial services while keeping up with the pace of development and eliminating the use of cash.

“The development of science and technology is moving the world from cash transactions to a cashless economy.

“The country should not be left behind, we must go with these changes again at the appropriate speed,” said Mr Paul during the launching of the year-long campaign.

To stand a chance to win some prizes during the campaign, participants must use SimBanking to do all their banking transactions be paying water, electricity or television bills, fees, shopping payments, sending money, paying taxes, digital loans, giving money to ATM or CRDB Agency, paying for fire insurance, and other services.

“The more a customer doing transactions, the more chances to win prizes,” the Director said.

The prizes include Nissan Dualis which will be offered every three months, while Bajaj prizes and motorcycles will be won every month for the first and second winners.

Additionally, the campaign allocated up to 10 laptop gifts for university students, smartphone gifts, as well as cash.

Along with these gifts, the bank has also allocated 200m/- to be given through Tembo Points which the customer will be collecting every time s/he makes a transaction. Customers will be able to convert their Tembo Points into cash and use them to pay for services or products.

Last year, CRDB launched an improved SimBanking App that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for recognising the customer’s behaviour.

Earlier this year, CRDB added two new services to SimBanking, including a payment service through the National National Code (TANQR), enabling the customer to make payments to all the bank’s service providers and even mobile networks.

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