Councilors, civil servants challenged to collaborate in addressing peoples’ challenges

RUKWA Regional Commissioner Queen Sendiga has urged councilors and civil servants in Sumbawanga municipal council to be collaborative in addressing citizens’ grievances and improving their social and economic welfare.

Ms Sendiga made the statement over the weekend during his work session held here in municipality.

“Collectively, let us go to serve the citizens .We must address their challenges afflicting them and get the desired solutions on time… It is our responsibility to serve them earnestly a well as listening them for the betterment of the municipality and their lives, “she insisted while addressing the gathering.

The RC further directed municipal authority to expand its revenue collections, insisting that the collected revenue must be financing the execution of development projects including health facilities.

Ms Sendiga also expressed her profound desire to serving major social and economic changes in Sumbawanga district.

She went on to direct the Sumbawanga district commissioner Ms Sebastian Wryuba to make a close up supervision to civil servants to ensure they deliver services to the people with any lame excuses.

“DC (Mr Wryuba) you should utilize state organs which are under your helm to ensure they deliver for the nation’s interest ,execution of development schemes must be accomplished as per scheduled deadlines and they must reflect the value of fund spend on them” she emphasized.

Equally, she insisted on the education sector to come up with plans to ensure the performance in Primary and secondary leaving examination is improved significantly.

RC asked school authorities to stop asking nuisance contributions from parents or guardians.

On his side Momoka Ward Councilor, Pastor Charles Chakupewa, commended the RC (Ms Sendiga) for her  directives on how best the municipality must bring about development to the citizens in the precinct.

Cleric Chapewa emphasized that citizens do not like to see people -oriented projects are stalled in their wards .

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