Council orders 130 households to demolish their properties

KIBAHA: THE Kibaha District Council has issued an order for over 130 households to demolish their structures on plot number 34 in Pangani ward before legal action is taken against them.

Kibaha District Executive Director (DED), Eng Mshamu Munde, informed reporters in his office this week that these households have illegally occupied an area of 1,037 hectares that is legally owned by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

Eng Munde stated that those who have unlawfully occupied the area must remove their structures immediately to avoid forceful demolition.

“We have given them two notices to vacate the area, and the given time has now expired. We are informing those who have occupied the area to leave immediately,” he said.

Furthermore, Eng Munde announced that the government will take disciplinary action against all officials involved in the illegal sale of the land.

Plot number 34 in Pangani, Kibaha Town, is part of a larger area that encompasses approximately 4,000 hectares of land (equivalent to 10,000 acres).

The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries legally acquired this land and provided compensation to 1,556 individuals in four phases between 1988 and 1991.

Despite the compensation and the placement of land signs by the Ministry, residents have encroached upon the area, selling portions of it and constructing various structures in violation of the law.

In an effort to combat land invasions, the Council has implemented demarcation marks on its streets and sub-streets.

Local leaders were consulted at every stage of this process.

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