COSOTA to firms: Apply for royalty licence

THE Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) has started receiving applications of a licence to collect royalties from firms engaged in film and music industries.

According to a statement issued by COSOTA  Board’s Secretary General, Saidi Yakubu the  companies to be granted licences will be tasked to collect royalties for all artistic works.

COSOTA urged the stakeholders to submit applications to the council.

“Any interested company is welcome to submit an application based on the criteria found in the copyright regulations,” said the statement.

The statement mentioned other conditions for a company wishing to be licensed as; the owner must be a Tanzanian, photocopies of the owners’ photos, a tax payer’s number document from the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and the owner must comply with all the laws of the country.

The board has also said the applications will be received within 14 days from Friday.

Recently, the Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Pindi Chana said the ministry  wants to see artists benefit and become rich from their works, as is the case with artists in the developed countries.

She said: “The government has a very big plan for artists in the country, that’s why we have set up a programme like this that will enable artists to get income in the right way.”

Adding, the Minister said: “We remind you that all the people who want to apply should follow the criteria that have been set to complete their application.”

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