Compensation for Bagamoyo Port project completed

DODOMA: THE government has completed compensating land owners who had to relocate to pave the way for implementation of Bagamoyo Port project in Coast Region.

Deputy Minister for Transport, David Kihenzile announced the good news yesterday in Parliament when responding to the question posed by Special Seats MP Subira Mgalu (CCM).

The MP, in her basic question, sought the government response on the stage that the Bagamoyo Port project has so far reached in terms of its implementation.

Responding to the question, the deputy minister said the area that the government, through the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), acquired 887 hectares for project implementation.

According to the deputy minister, currently the government is in the final stages of updating information related to the project’s feasibility study and detail design carried out in 2010.

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Mr Kihenzile said the updating process of information is expected to be completed this financial year (2023/2024) after which the procurement process for the contractor to implement the project will start.

According to the deputy minister, the government has, in 2024/2025 financial year, allocated a total 22bn/- for the implementation of the project.

The implementation of the project will be carried out in phases, depending on the increase of cargo handled by the marine terminal.

Mr Kihenzile said the first phase will involve construction of three berths with the total of length of 1000 metres and 15.5 metres in depth The construction of the strategic port will enhance growth of business activities at Bagamoyo Special Economic Zone.

The implementation of the Bagamoyo Port project is one of the country’s investments, aimed at boosting the country’s economy and improving regional trade connectivity.

The government, through TPA, eyes to construct marine infrastructure to accommodate vessels with a capacity of carrying between 12,000 and 25,000 containers.

To achieve the goal, TPA came up with an idea of constructing two long berths in Bagamoyo.

Currently, the Dar es Salaam Port can only handle ships with a maximum capacity of 8,000 containers.

Recently, TPA Director General Plasduce Mbossa said it is now time to construct long berths to accommodate the largest ships that the Dar es Salaam Port cannot handle.

“We are starting with the two long berths and later on we will be ready to receive an investor from the private sector to construct the others under a joint venture,” Mr Mbossa was quoted as saying during the press conference in Dar es Salaam.

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According to Mr Mbossa, each berth may cost between 250bn/- and 360bn/-, insisting that there is a need to engage private investors to support the construction.

In another development, Deputy Minister Kihenzile has said the use of sniffer dogs at marine passenger terminals is an ordinary practice in inspecting luggage, especially baggage suspected to be containing illegal content.

The deputy minister issued the government position after Mohammed Said Issa (CCM-Konde) sought the government’s answer on when it would remove sniffer dogs that normally inspect passenger baggage at Dar es Salaam Port on grounds that the practice is not friendly to passengers.

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