Company donates cement for school construction

IN a move aimed at supplementing the government efforts in improving the education sector in the country, Sanlam Insurance Company has donated 153 bags of cement for the construction of a secondary school in Dodoma.

Speaking during the handover ceremony of 153 bags of cement worth 2.7m/-, the Central Business Development Manager of the company, Said Makongwa, said that the donation is in support of the government’s efforts to create a better learning environment.

“We have decided to support the efforts of the government in improving the sector by donating 153 bags of cement for construction of a secondary school in Mayamaya village in Dodoma,” Mr Makongwa said.

“Our company is proud to be the very first to respond to the district authority’s call to come and provide this support for the construction of this secondary school” he said, adding:

“We have been touched by students who have to travel long distances to other villages to get education, we believe the presence of this secondary school here will improve the access to education and will bring development to this village” he added.

He said Sanlam also believes that access to education will give students enough time to study and improve their performance.

Speaking after receiving the donation, the Village Chairman, Jonathan Chibalangu, thanked the company for responding to their request by providing such support.

“We really thank you for supporting the efforts of citizens who decided to start building the secondary school in order to address the challenges encountered by students who must walk long distance to access education,” he said.

Mr Chibalangu also asked various companies and institutions to continue supporting the village government to complete the secondary school that consists of four classrooms, teachers’ offices and toilets in its first phase of construction.

Acting Chairman of CCM in Mayamaya Village, Emmanuel Mkochechi praised the company for supporting the government efforts.

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