Community policing enforces security, Reps told

COMMUNITY policing has played a substantial role in enforcing security in the country, members of the House of Representatives were told here on Wednesay,

Minister of State, Second Vice-President’s Office, Policy, Coordination and House of Representatives Hamza Hassan Juma told the house that the government is keen to ensure the policing units thrive to maintain peace and tranquility in the country.

He said the government through the police force dispatches one assistant inspector of police to each Shehia to coordinate and guide the community policing activities at the Shehia level.

The key responsibility of the assistant inspectors is to identify and solve security challenges at the Shehia through the defense and security committee meetings.

The minister was answering a question by Pandani Representative Professor Omar Fakir Hamad who wanted to know among others the support that the government provides to community police whom he said perform great job but at difficult environment.

Minister Hamza said the government supports the policing units through training on how to confront criminals at the Shehia level in collaboration with Shehas and Officers Commanding District (OCDs).

The police force hatched the community policing system to train wananchi on their own defense and help the law enforcers in addressing security issues at the shehia, ward, district and regional levels. The police strategy was to create conducive collaborative environment between the police and citizens in security matters.

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