‘Combat moral decay among students, youths’

DODOMA: THE government has directed directors, counsellors and deans of students from higher and middle learning institutions in Tanzania to collaborate with the government in combatting moral decay among students, the youth and society at large.

The call was made by the Director of Gender Affairs from the Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups, Mr Badru Abdunuru as he was closing the 41st Tanzania Counselling and Guidance Association 1984 (TACOGA1984) Annual General Meeting held in Dodoma on Monday.

Mr Abdunuru said that deans, counsellors, guardians and wardens are responsible and have a significant contribution in ensuring that Tanzanian society thrives by teaching the youth good manners and integrity.

“Currently our country is facing a problem of moral decay especially among the youth. You as deans and counsellors have the duty to ensure that you bridge and become a solution to the challenges facing the students and at the place of your work. Through you, we are going to build a strong and reliable nation,” he said.

“I urge you to work together with the government and show your sincere contributions by emphasising on the good moral behaviours, because the youth you are preparing in your institutions are the nation’s future leaders,” he added.

Mr Badru Abdunuru, said that the ministry will look on how to develop a strategy of providing special training for special groups and education concerning the gender desk.

“I assure you that the Ministry will continue to work with you and ensure that it establishes gender desks in all higher and middle learning institutions, therefore, those who are still not yet having gender desks should do so in accordance with the objectives of its establishment.” he said.

“I will focus on this to ensure that all our students benefit from access to appropriate services and cross-disciplinary education,” he added.

The TACOGA1984 Chairperson, Ms Sophia Nchimbi said that the conference aimed at empowering students’ counselors, guardians and wardens by providing them with student financial management training to enable them help students manage their meals and accommodation allowances (boom) and have a financial discipline.

“Many students do not understand how to manage and spend their funds. This being the case, after they have got their meals and accommodation allowances (boom), they misuse them and after a short period of time they start to struggle to find some money to support them for the remaining period of time at the college. Therefore, this training will help the deans, counsellors, wardens and guardians to advise them on the best way to spend their funds while still in colleges,” she said.

Ms Nchimbi said that at this conference, TACOGA1984 members have also shared experiences based on the university and College’s Discipline guidelines so as to continue building the good behaviours to the youth in higher learning institutions and the community at large.

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