Coast Region moves to boost Covid-19 vaccine uptake

AUTHORITIES in Coast Region have embarked on special campaign to raise awareness about Covid -19 vaccine so as to meet the target  of vaccinating 767, 465 people come December 31 this year.

The authorities are conducting the campaign following the low number of people who have so far been vaccinated against the disease which stand at 468, 187 which is equivalent to 63 per cent of the targeted group.

Regional Vaccination Coordinator Abbas Hincha told the Regional Health Management meeting held at Mwalimu Nyerere Leadership College in Kibaha Town that there are number of factors which have led to low number of people  who  are taking the vaccine  among others failure by service providers  to encourage  more people to  get vaccinated.

Other factors are misconception among community members, failure to involve local leaders in campaigns as well as shortage of capital for conducting the activities.

Expounding, he said that Kisarawe District is leading by vaccinating 66, 662 people equivalent to 90 of the targeted 74, 153 people while Kibaha Town Council has  recorded  the lowest number  of 43, 545  people who have been vaccinated which is equivalent  to 44 percent of the targeted 98, 658 people.

” In efforts to increase the vaccine uptake organisations like Aga Khan Foundation and World Health Organisation (WHO) have showed interest to assist both technically and financially”, he said.

He added that, national and regional leaders are now looking at Coast Region as a place which needs more attention and supervision regarding COVID 19 pandemic.

Regional Medical Officer (RMO) Dr Gunini Kamba pointed out that all arrangements have been made for the region to start implementing strategies which will ensure that the vaccine uptake is increasing to meet the target by 100 percent by end of December this year.

Speaking on behalf of the Regional Commissioner Mr Aboubakar Kunenge, Kibaha District Commissioner Ms Sarah Msafiri urged all District Commissioners and District Executive Directors (DED) to thoroughly supervise all the planned strategies to ensure that the campaign is successful.

“We need to make sure we meet our target of vaccinating all individuals who are above 18 years and make our region safer from Covid -19 pandemic,” she noted.

Immunization Expert from WHO Dr Caroline Akim said that, the Organisation is working with governments in every country in the World to make sure that the disease is being managed well.

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