Coast RC directs officers to meet businesspersons

COAST Regional Commissioner Mr Abubakar Kunenge has challenged government officers to visit businesspersons to hear and solve their challenges instead of waiting for official meetings.

“The government’s intention is to assist its people in different sectors to achieve their goals…And that it is the responsibility of the officers to make sure that the intention is fulfilled,” Mr Kunenge said at the Regional Business Council (RBC) that brought together government officials, businesspersons and other stakeholders from across the region, recently.

The RC said the officers have the tendency of waiting businesspersons to air their challenges during official meetings thus delaying solving their obstacles hence choking their business growth.

According to him, the government is working hard to improve infrastructures such as roads, energy and water aiming at creating a conducive environment for business.

“The government is also doing great efforts to make sure that the investment sector in the region grows and offers competitive products of international quality,” he said.

The Chairman for Coast Region Business Personnel Union Mr Abdalah Ndauka asked the RC to introduce a regional system where the private sector will air their suggestions and opinion in different meetings for the betterment of the sector’s growth.

“We truly appreciate the laid down friendly working environment.

“Our request is to enable us to participate in strategic business meetings to drive home the desired private sector impact in Coast Region,” Mr Ndauka said.

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