Coaches hire, fire mania not healthy

TANZANIAN football giants Simba parted ways with their head coach Zoran Manojlovic despite leading the team to win both two league matches that placed the team at the helm of the premier league.

The shocking end of Manojlović came as the team was preparing for their League match against KMC FC on Wednesday and an away match against Malawi’s Big Bullets FC this weekend in the first leg of the CAF Champions League preliminary match this weekend.

Though no reason was given, we fear it might affect the team heading to the vital CAF level matches game, as parting ways with a coach always disrupts something in the team’s set up.

We believe the management of the club should have made a thorough scrutiny before reaching the decision that also showed exit door to fitness coach Sbai Karim and goalkeeping coach Mohamed Rachid.

We would like to warn clubs to be vigilant in both hiring and firing coaches since we have found that in most cases it takes a club long time to stabilise after parting ways with a coach. Simba should put into consideration that changing of coaches has almost become a mania as Manojlovic who was hired in late June this year, replaced Spanish coach Spanish Pablo Franco.

Wisely looking into the whole issue, though it might not be the real fact, some thinkers sense it might be after the 1-0 loss to Djibouti Premier League champions Arta Solar 7 or a 1-0 loss to Al Hilal in their build up games that also included Simba’s hefty 4-2 win over Ghana’s Asante Kotoko in Khartoum a few days ago. All of these incidents are common in football which now seems to have a professionalism feel.

This should not be taken as the top flight league affair, since from what we have seen and evidenced, NBC Premier League has also become very tough due to the increase in professional awareness. Local players and coaches should take this as a positive note because it means the market for the home-based players has grown up after seeing just a few cases of signed deals that involve foreign imports.

From what we have seen in the ongoing season, professionalism has made a drastic improvement in terms of playing, promotion and competitiveness, something we hope to be further polished in the coming season.

We take this opportunity to call for vigilance in recruiting players and coaches as we expect every team to fight hard to win and vie for the crown to represent the nation in international competitions.

We call all clubs actively engaged in the league to use their technical benches in following the progress of their players to ensure they deliver as expected.

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