Coach: Mashujaa are ripe for Premier League

MASHUJAA Head Coach Abdul Mingange has expressed optimism that his side will withstand the Mainland Premier League pressure next season, for his squad is well-drilled and determined.

The Kigoma-based team climbed to the top-flight league in style after destroying Mbeya City with a 4-1 aggregate triumph to complete a 16-team package that will battle for the league’s throne in 2023/24 season.

In the first-leg playoff at Lake Tanganyika Stadium in Kigoma, Mashujaa secured a hard-earned 3-1 success, while in the second-leg showdown at Sokoine Stadium in Mbeya, they cherished a 1-0 victory.

“I will submit my report to the team’s management after completing the mission. I was tasked with taking the team to the top-flight league and we have achieved the goal.

“After submission of my report, the management will decide my future. I hope the club will retain me.

“I am sure I will meet the target, for I know where to begin and based on my experience in the Premier League, we will remain in the top-flight league,” Mingange said.

He further said he firmly believes Mashujaa will shine in the league next season as they have a squad with competitive players.

In another development, Mingange condemned the unsportsmanlike behaviour showcased by his goalkeeping coach, who allegedly punched Mbeya City Coach Abdalla Mubiru after the team scored the winner.

“What he did was not fair play… football is about love, no need to hurt each other or reiterate when someone misbehaves. As coaches, we need to respect one another,” he said.

Following the incident, Mashujaa’s goalkeeping coach was sent off the pitch after the referee booked him a red card.

Mbeya City Assistant Coach Paul Nonga conceded the defeat, saying they will bounce back strongly in the Premier League because it is where they belong.

They have joined Polisi Tanzania and Ruvu Shooting, who faced direct relegation after occupying the two bottom places in the ended season.

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