Clubs at helm of sacking demon

TANZANIA: THERE have been plenty of coaches sacking in the Mainland Premier League this year, and Ihefu and Singida Big Stars are leading the pack.

It is well understood why clubs’ management have to make such decisions, as every team strive for success and to stay in the top-flight league. Because of the faults that have occurred in the clubs, they have eventually opted for improvement in squads and on the technical benches.

However, the frequent firing of coaches has been a difficult issue for some teams, with Ihefu and Singida Big Stars being the most affected by the problem.

Singida Big Stars have parted ways with three coaches in 2023, to wit, former Taifa Stars Head Coach Hans Van de Pluijm, Germany expert Ernst Middendorp and Brazilian Head Coach Ricardo Ferreira.

Similarly, Ihefu parted ways with three coaches in less than six months, with Mecky Mexime being the latest addition as their new head coach. While changing coaches frequently may seem detrimental to a team’s performance, football pundits have shown that the qualities of a coach may affect a team’s performance positively or negatively.

Therefore, some teams may profit from changing coaches, while others may suffer. During the appointment of Coach Ferreira, he pointed out that it has never been healthy to make repeated changes as it affects the players’ wellbeing.

In addition to Singida Big Stars and Ihefu, Tanzania Prisons, Simba, Namungo, Azam, and Coastal Union are among the other clubs that have parted ways with their trainers due to various reasons.

The relationship between a coach and a club is crucial in the world of sports, where success on the field depends on effective leadership and teamwork. Nevertheless, sometimes this relationship ends prematurely, leaving both parties in difficult situations.

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