Cleric hails Samia on reforms agenda

TANZANIA : PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has been hailed for her cabinet reshuffles and reforms agenda she demanded to appointees to senior positions in the government.

The Head of State made the latest cabinet reshuffle and some appointments last week, introducing the new post of Deputy Prime Minister, a portfolio that she gave Dr Doto Biteko, with all appointees taking oaths of office on Friday.

The Chairperson of the National Committee of Bishops and Sheikhs on Ethics, Peace and Human Rights Bishop William Mwamalanga praised President Samia for the move, saying that many Tanzanians and foreigners alike are optimistic that there will be a lot of positive changes for the country and her people.

Bishop Mwamalanga who is also the leader of the Pentecostal Church hailed Dr Samia for taking constructive action for the nation, saying she acted as a real leader and teacher, charging the appointees to act swiftly for development envisioned.

“I followed up matters closely since the reshuffle was announced and appointments made until the oath-taking event and consequently the speech of President Samia. It was fantastic and appealing to most of us; I congratulate her for her directives. She spoke very well in a way that everybody understands, it is up to the appointees to act,” said Bishop Mwamalanga.

The cleric noted that he is sure that the Head of State will not hesitate to take further action if those under her underperform. He said he is happy to see President Samia taking swift action without reluctance.

“It will always remain a memorable moment for he way the President talked, advised and directed as an extraordinary teacher. This should sink well in heads of those under her and see to it that they serve well the citizens. They are there because of the people not otherwise. I congratulate you President and we are all ready to work with you towards development,” said Bishop Mwamalanga from Dodoma capital city.

He said that he believes that if ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries and their deputies follow President’s instructions Tanzania will quickly move towards a developed country. He said more weight should be thrown in fighting inefficiencies and corruption at all levels.

Speaking during the swearing in of presidential appointees on Friday Dr Samia demanded reforms and productivity in the government, denouncing some public leaders who elevate themselves into semi-gods.

She directed all government leaders to work hard and diligently to meet the public expectations on the government, defending the changes as improvement strategy.

There are many different areas in which structural reforms—or measures that make the institutional and regulatory framework more supportive of economic growth—can help boost productivity. These include labour and product market regulation, trade policy, taxation and the financial sector.

The economy’s level of development helps determine which reforms are likely to have the greatest productivity pay-off. In advanced economies, reforms that foster innovation. In emerging markets, reforms that improve the way markets function are likely to matter more.

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