Cleric condemns inhumanity

GEITA: CATHOLICS and Tanzanians have been urged to cooperatively condemn acts and agenda that criminalise humanity including wars, environmental degradation, abortion and same-sex marriages.

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Geita, Father Flavian Kassala made the statement during the Christmas mass celebrated nationally at the Virgin Mary Queen of Peace Church in Geita.

He pointed out that any acts that promote environmental degradation endangers human safety and that is an agenda that should be actively considered for world safety, to promote the mission of world creation.

He explained that, undermining human beings and damage to environment means destroying the value and status of creation that Almighty God has given to humans to develop it by reproduction.

“But we human beings are violating such a good work that made our Jesus Christ leave heaven and take humanity, we go against it by destroying the earth and ourselves.”

He explained that promoting unhumanity acts including abortion and same-sex marriages is negatively promoting the relationship of man and God, causing a man to separate himself from God’s grace.

“We are in a situation now where we even destroy human nature and completely discard the opportunity of promoting God’s creation.

“You sometime call the same-sex marriage, there is no same-sex marriage, marriage in its concerns, it is a relationship between a husband and a wife (man and woman), “human beings” and not a human being and an animal.

“We have failed to do that to animals, we have now turned among ourselves, shouting this agenda (same sex marriage) to be legalized, in that way, you need us (Church serviors) to bless that.

“In that way it is better you bring me a stone and I will bless it for you to go and build a strong house, it’s unacceptable since we are in the situation where you fight for that  right.” Bishop Kassalla emphasised.

He directed all Christians when they celebrate Christmas to devote themselves to pray for God to save them against all strategies set to destroy humanity for the world to remain safe.

In addition, Bishop Kassalla urged the government to keep on protecting the peace of the country as it is a great honor that gives opportunities to religious leaders to keep on saving the world.

He reminded the community to support the work of protection and security and avoid any kind of human discrimination which has been the source of war and chaos in various nations.

Bishop Kassala further urged the community to invest in child protection so that when they are born like Jesus Christ, they grow up in the right way to respond to God’s work.

He recommended the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the world savior, signifying that when a child is born, he or she should be raised and grow up in environments that promote his or her humanity.

The Member of Parliament for Geita Urban State, Mr Costantine Kanyasu admitted that the Bishop’s sermon reminds people  the importance of respecting human life and that everyone has a duty to observe that.

The Geita Regional Commissioner, Mr Martine Shigella admitted to receiving the advice of the Catholic Church on behalf of the government and promised to keep on maintaining peace and solidarity through security agencies and religious leaders.

He said the sixth phase government is actively developing solidarity with religious leaders without allowing any sort of discrimination for religions to remain a strong bridge between the government and its people.

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