CJ pushes for ICT to curb corruption

Dar es Salaam: As judiciary undergoes reforms to improve its efficiency, the Chief Justice, Prof Ibrahim Juma has instructed newly sworn-in magistrates to promote uses of Information Communications Technology (ICT) at their respective working place to curb corruption acts.

The CJ made the call immediately after administering oaths of 38 magistrates at a ceremony held in Dar es Salaam on Thursday saying the installed electronic case management system has proved to be a best way in offering judicial services since it minimizes chances of meeting with people physically.

“This system connects all judges across the country, all court centers…it records customers’ complaints and gives answers and statistics, it registers consultations through online. But also, all loopholes of corruption will be closed because the main cause of corruption is when people often meet face to face,” said Justice Juma.

Additionally, Prof Juma advised the newly enrolled magistrates to work professionally.

He told them to ensure that they adhere to laws while rendering judgments, to be impartial and be competent in the area of communication skills.

“The power bestowed upon you is too big; whatever decision you make can affect someone’s life completely. Be sure of whatever you say, study the law and know it well. While at court, no matter how citizens argue due to their negligence of the law, be calm and bring them to understand,” he insisted.

After taking their oaths before the Chief Justice, the new magistrates will attend one-week training at Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto (IJA) in Tanga Region.

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