CJ: Make good use of retired public servants

DAR ES SALAAM: CHIEF Justice Professor Ibrahim Juma has stressed the importance of valuing and utilising various retired public servants in propelling the country’s development.

Prof Juma stated that majority of the retired public servants have the history of Tanzania.

He made the statement during the launching of the book of the late retired Judge Robert Kisanga titled ‘Dream Coming to Fruition. A Biography of Justice Robert Kisanga’ held in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday.

The CJ said that the late Judge Kisanga has left an indelible mark in the Judiciary and Tanzania as a whole.

Elaborating, he said the retired Judge played a pivotal role in the establishment of the country’s constitution by ensuring that the amendment of the law gave more room to public opinions, something which brought about the establishment of the Human Rights and Good Governance Commission.

“Retired public servants have a lot of things from which we can learn, if you speak with them just for a few minutes you will discover that there is a lot to gain from them,” Prof Juma said. “The Judiciary has something to learn from the life of Judge Kisanga, he was such a focused and determinant man in his career.

“What amuses me is the fact that he got an offer to work with the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) but because his dream was to practice law and work with the judiciary, he turned it down to become an Attorney General; money didn’t drive him away from his focus,” he stated.

The book of the biography of Justice Kisanga written by various judges in the country has been prepared by the Institute of Judicial Administration (IJA) after Judge Kisanga’s widow approached them and presented the idea of writing a book and handed them some notes that were written by the late judge.

Judge Kisanga was among the first five judges who established the Court of Appeal in Tanzania in 1979.

Moreover, Prof Juma applauded IJA for the work done in the book and asked them to continue with the conduct of publishing more iconic histories.

“I’m so grateful to the widow of Judge Kisanga, who kept these notes and saw the need for them to be transformed into a book for many to benefit. I think all those who have important notes written by different people should take them to the national museum, that is the best place to keep such notes,” the Chief Justice said.

On his side, retired Judge of the Tanzania’s High Court and Lecturer of Law at the University of Dar es Salaam, Dr Fauz Twaib said that the late Judge Kisanga has accomplished a lot of successful things in the country as he participated in solving various cases in the Court of Appeal, commercial cases and political cases.

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