Citizen’s involvement in tree planting crucial

UKEREWE District has successfully planted nearly 820, 000 trees in the 2022/2023 fiscal year as a result of citizens’ collaborative efforts on mitigating climate change aiming at creating a green island.

The statement was revealed recently by Ukerewe District Commissioner (DC), Mr Hassan Bomboko during the district commemoration of the Union Day which was held at the Nansio Hospital, where the DC in collaboration with other government officials led the climate restoration efforts by planting 300 trees.

Mr Bomboko said about 678, 000 trees were planted by citizens from a total of all planted trees in a year, saying the district eyes at ensuring every citizen and family plants either fruit or shade trees to hit the target of plating a total of 2 million trees by 2025.

He directed all government and non-governmental institutions, including schools, hospitals, health centres, dispensaries and colleges in the district to make sure they plant trees, saying that only collaborative efforts can speed up reforestation and beat the devastating climate change.

“Everyone in every family should keep on planting trees, we must use the rainy season to plant as many trees as possible, tree planting and environment cleanliness is an endless effort,” said Mr Bomboko.

Nevertheless, he urged citizens and leaders to closely watch all planted trees so that they can grow and have the desired impact on securing the planet against the climate catastrophe rather than planting many trees and leave them dying.

Ukerewe Medical Officer (DMO), Dr Charles Mkombe said that he will ensure all hospitals, health centres and dispensaries keep on planting more trees and protecting the planted ones during the union commemoration as he shares a similar vision of making Ukerewe District green.

Commenting on the progress of the Union as it marked 59 years since it started, Ukerewe Council District Executive Director (DED), Mr Emmanuel Sherembi thanked the government for allocating money to improve citizen’s livelihood, including 2.7bn/- to upgrade the Nansio District Hospital so that it can also provide specialist services such as radiology and surgery.

Mr Sherembi commended all citizens and environment stakeholders for showcasing commitment on conserving the environment, urging them to keep on with the good work.

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