‘Citizens, govt strong cooperation accelerate development’- UVCCM

ZANZIBAR: THE National Chairman of the ruling party CCM Youth Wing (UVCCM) Mr Mohamed Ali Mohamed Kawaida has underscored the importance of government/citizens good relations in the implementation development programmes in the country.

He said this while talking to various government and party leaders, and young people of the two regions of Pemba North and Pemba South, during his two-day official visit to the island.

Kawaida said that the purpose of his two-day visit to Pemba Island was to inspect the implementation of the party 2020/2025 election manifesto and the UVCCM activities.

He explained that CCM continues to implement the manifesto and other promises by ensuring party leaders visit to see the pace of implementation of programs.

The UVCCM chairman said that he is satisfied with the pace of development and the implementation of the manifesto but insisted that there was a need to strengthen collaboration and maintain peace and stability.

“We are witnessing admirable changes which include construction of seaports, roads, and airports without excluding Pemba. Soon we will have better infrastructures,” said Mr Kawaida.

He visited the Zanzibar State Trade Corporation (ZSTC) to witness the buying of cloves and elaborated that in the course of the implementation of programmes and projects, many job opportunities are being created for young people to grab.

Kawaida also had a forum with some entrepreneurs’ mainly petty traders, motorbike and Bajaji taxis (Bodaboda) to listen to challenges they face.

In addition, he asked the UVCCM to strengthen cooperation in a bid to prepare for the next general election in 2025, so that CCM continues to hold power by winning.

On his part, a member of the South Region Pemba, CCM Committee Mr Matar Zahor Massoud, who also doubles as Regional Commissioner for the region said implementation of CCM manifesto has been going on well.

Ms Salama Mbarouk Khatib, Regional Commissioner (RC) for North Pemba said “We are fully committed to protect the existing peace and stability, along with educating people to appreciate what the eighth phase government has been doing.”

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