CHRAGG to assess adherence to employment standards

TANZANIA: The Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) has vowed to check the implementation of employment standards and fundamental rights.

The commission will conduct the assessment exercise from yesterday until Saturday.

According to a statement released by CHRAGG Chairman Judge (Rtd) Mathew Mwaimu, private security companies will be involved in the exercise, which is anticipated to take place in the regions of Iringa, Dar es Salaam, and Kagera.

“The exercise aims to monitor the implementation of employment standards and fundamental rights in all types of companies. This includes ensuring that companies respect human rights and providing remedies and compensation for victims of human rights violations connected to business or investment activities,” he noted.

He said that the monitoring work will include checking employment contracts for adherence to regulations, occupational health and safety measures, and the handling of personal employee data.

Additionally, the assessment will consider the existence of labor unions, the relationship between security companies and the community, and other entitlements that employers are required to provide to their staff.

The Commission will issue a report with suggestions on how to enhance private security firms’ adherence to employment standards and fundamental rights.

“This exercise is a continuation of the nation’s surveillance of business and human rights concerns. For instance, in December last year, the Commission evaluated the effectiveness of non-judicial organizations that handle complaints and disputes about business and human rights matters,” he elaborated.

The commission further commended the government for creating a conducive climate to perform its duties and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) for providing the necessary financial and technical support for this assignment and others in the past.

Employment standards respond to a growing number of needs and challenges faced by workers and employers in the economy. Therefore, the exercise is enforced to effectively prevent violations of employment standards.

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