China support cleanliness efforts in Zanzibar 

ZANZIBAR: IN efforts to keep Zanzibar City and other parts of the Islands clean, China has donated funds to the Ministry of State- Office of the President (Regional Administration, Local government, and Special Department) to purchase some equipment for sanitation services.

The China Consul General in Zanzibar Mr Zhang Zhisheng handed over a check worth 15,000 US dollars (about 34.7m/-) to the Minister for the docket Masoud Mohamed. “We remain committed to continue supporting Zanzibar in all areas including improving sanitation in the city,” the ambassador said the donation also strengthens the friendship between his country, Zanzibar and Tanzania in general.

In addition, he said that due to the status of the Zanzibar Stone Town being recognized by UNESCO as among the cities of international heritage, China has seen the need to contribute for the purchase of equipment to improve sanitation and make it more attractive.

The ambassador also thanked President Hussein Mwinyi for his ongoing economic reforms, infrastructure improvement and strengthening of community services in cities and villages.

“Since we have been good friends for many years, it is our duty to support these efforts of  Dr Mwinyi, so we are providing this support to help keep the city clean,” he explained adding that it is also to support preparations for the 60th anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution.

He said that China has also planned to celebrate 60 years of its relationship with Tanzania and Zanzibar in February next year, “We expect to bring a group of artists from China to perform in Zanzibar as well as exchange cultural experiences with their brothers here.”

Minister Masoud Mohammed Ali, thanked the Ambassador Zhisheng for the cooperation he has been showing to the Zanzibar government, saying that various aid that China provides reflect the true friendship.

“The aid they give us wholeheartedly, proves that China is not just a friend, but a true brother to us, and we appreciate all they do for the development of our country,” Mr Ali noted.

He said the support is huge assuring the Ambassador Zhisheng that it will be used for the purpose intended to solve the challenge of the shortage of cleaning equipment in the city of Zanzibar.

At the handing over event, the Minister admitted that filthiness in Zanzibar city has been a headache for the authorities, mentioning shortage and dilapidated working equipment as one of the factors contributing to the situation.

In addition, he said that the rough and potholes of the roads in the city also affects cleaning services. However, he said it is his expectation that the problem of bad roads will end soon due to the ongoing repair of the roads.

He also blamed some people’s misconceptions that cleanliness is the job of the municipality only, and that people deliberately litter the streets and carelessly discard wastes.

He called on the community to behaviour change and realize that no government can clean inside or in the environment of each person’s house, but that is their responsibility.

Before handing over the bank cheque, the Chinese Ambassador, and Director of Planning, Policy and Research in the Ministry, Abdalla Issa Mgongo, signed documents.

The director said the funds will be used to buy various cleaning equipment according to the needs of the city authorities, including wheel barrows, rakes, dustbins, brooms, rain boots, hand gloves, among others.

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