China Matters’ Feature: How A Legendary Figure Brings about Culture and Courage

Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King, is a well-known heroic character in Chinese legends. Developed from Chinese culture, the stories featuring Sun, such as Born in a Stone, Havoc in Heaven and The Leaf-Palm Fan, have been promoted to the rest of the world. To help Sun Wukong’s stories get across in the Middle East, an animated short Be the Sun Wukong in Your World is telling a story of challenge and courage.

This animated short features a Jordanian boy named Mudd, who was timid and unconfident. His father sent him a figure and a set of books of Sun Wukong as a gift. Accompanied by Sun Wukong, he becomes braver and more confident. After growing up, he starts to encourage others by telling them Sun Wukong’s stories.

“Marvel is not created by divine power, but by continuous effort,” so go the words at the end of the animated short. “Be the Sun Wukong in your world, be the hero defined by yourself.” Carrying his story from China to the Middle East, Sun Wukong is setting off a brand-new adventure.

This animated short is co-produced by State Investment Development Corporation and China Matters. With the story of Sun Wukong, people from the Middle East and other regions will have more access to Chinese traditional culture.

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