China grants more scholarships to Tanzanians

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Chinese government has awarded 46 Tanzanian students with scholarships and other 114 students have won the degree program scholarship of the Ministry of Commerce to study in China for the 2023/24 academic year.

Speaking during a farewell ceremony organized by the Chinese Embassy in Dar es Salaam on Thursday, the Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Chen Mingjian said that China is committed to help Tanzania by improving capacity building in the field of education, develop human resources and train talents urgently needed for national construction.

According to the Ambassador, the students will leave the country to China in September and October this year.

“Education remains an important area for good cooperation between the two countries. Young people are the future for the development of bilateral relations and a new force for China-Tanzania friendship…we hope while in China you will understand Chinese culture, introduce Tanzanian culture, and experience the friendly and simple friendship of Chinese people and become managers, engineers, experts and scholars to promote the friendly cooperation in the future, and contribute to the development of bilateral relations,” the envoy said.

Elaborating on the strength of cooperations between the two countries, the envoy said that China has trained a large number of talents of various types in Tanzania through the construction of school buildings, donation of materials, providing scholarships and personnel training, which have played an important role in promoting the development of education in Tanzania.

“China-Africa relations have become closer and deeper, all-weather friendship between China and Tanzania, frequent high-level exchanges, deepening political mutual trust, and fruitful practical cooperation in various fields have been achieved,” she stated.

Earlier, Director of Higher Education from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr Kennedy Hosea gave four main instructions to be adhered by the students while in China saying that they should bear in mind that while there they carry the image of the country, therefore they shouldn’t tarnish it.

He instructed them to always be punctual in the class, make friends and spread the good name of Tanzania, avoid engaging in business and other things they didn’t go there for by excelling in their studies as well as maintaining good conduct by being polite to all people.

“Whatever you do, people will address you as Tanzanians, if you will always be drunk or late, they will say Tanzanians are like this and that. We don’t want to hear that. Be the best, travel to places and promote the various attractions available here but most importantly get back home after your studies, we need you here,” he said.

Dr Hosea further presented a request to the Chinese government, saying that as the government has begun the construction of 14 more Technical Based Universities in the country, they would like China to train some youth in skills for the new technologies.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Global Education Link Abdulmalik Mollel applauded China for their continuous effort in supporting Tanzania youth adding that China is the leading country in the world that grants more scholarships to African students, most precisely Tanzania.

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