China Communications launch a book “Love goes with books

DAR ES SALAAM: CHINA Communications Construction launch a book “Love goes with books, Love interacts with culture” at St. Matthew’s Secondary School.

Official of the Mwadege District Education Department, Director of St. Matthews Secondary School, Said Peter Joseph, the principal, Zhang Xiaozhen, director of the Confucius Institute, and Li Yuliang, deputy general manager of the branch, attended this event.

Mr. Peter, the school director, expressed his gratitude to this “Love Book Donation” activity and the branch’s support. He said St Matthews School has always strived to provide every child with teaching that is acceptable, adaptable and useful to the best of our ability. Learning Chinese is one of the ways.

By learning Chinese, our students can not only better understand China’s history, culture, ideas, and values, but also gain more opportunities in life and work, and expand their career development space. He believes that learning Chinese is not just a language skill, but a window to the world, allowing them to go further in life in this diverse world.

This time, the branch donated 100 copies of the “Happy Chinese” textbook to St. Matthews Middle School. This set of textbooks is suitable for multiple ages. It is deeply loved by learners for its lively, interesting, practical and communicative characteristics. Let them not only achieve good learning results while learning Chinese, but also enjoy the fun of learning.

The Tanzania Branch will actively organize a series of public welfare activities, take practical actions to contribute to promoting local economic development and improving people’s livelihood, strengthen the friendship between the people of China and Tanzania, and inject new vitality into cultural exchanges and friendly cooperation between China and Tanzania. Energy and motivation.

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