Child’s disability linked to poverty

Poverty has been cited as one of the factors that cause disability among children.

This has been highlighted by a Special Olympic Tanzania team after conducting a physical disability screening clinic at Wailes Primary School in Dar es Salaam recently.

Caroline Kessy is among the team members that carried out the screening exercise and says due to poverty, children are exposed to limited access of proper nutrition as such, it can make them victims of disability.

She further clarifies that lack of knowledge by parents on how to take care of children living with disability is another hindrance when it comes to proper upbringing of such children.

On her part, Jackline Andrew observes that a big number of the screened disabled children had minimal access to special exercises as a result of low motivation from parents.

“Also, some parents keep their disabled children inside locked rooms for fear to be seen…this leads to slow growth and recovery,” Jackline clarifies.

The duo then urged the public to have positive attitude towards children with disability as one way of boosting their confidence in communities where they live.

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