Chato residents urged to tap economic opportunities in forestry

DEPUTY Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ms Mary Masanja has urged Chato district residents in Geita region to tap into forestry-related economic opportunities.

She pointed out that the value chain of forest products offers a number of opportunities that people could benefit from through investment.

Ms Masanja made the remarks recently when speaking to the people of Butengo village in Chato district opposite the Silayo Plantation Trees which is managed by the National Forestry Services Agency (TFS).

She said people near the Silayo plantation are expected to directly benefit from the value chain of tree products, so they should support efforts to fight against any activities that could lead to deforestation.

“That’s why we say, don’t cut trees, don’t burn trees because trees are essential, trees help us take care of insects and the insects play a vital role in pollination,”  Ms Masanja said.

She explained that to promote more forestry economic opportunities, the government will build a modern honey marketing center in Chato district.

Ms Masanja urged TFS to improve social services around their projects so that the people can consider themselves part of the projects and be motivated to take care of trees.

The Chief Conservation Officer of the Silayo Plantation Trees, Mr. Juma Mseti said, TFS gives priority of employments for the residents around their projects where at Silayo Plantation Trees about 4,150 citizens are employed per year.



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