Chana graces Polish rider’s Kili conquest

POLISH cyclist Mike Leszek Mikulski is in the country for the Mount Kilimanjaro conquest, it was unveiled in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

Mikulski, also among the world-level champions, said he wants to make a record down-hill ride from Mount Kilimanjaro summit.

He said before the Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Pindi Chana that he intends to spend less than 24 hours on his mission he expects to execute in September and October this year.

In retrospect, the docket minister has called on Tanzanians to engage in cycling events staged in and outside the country.

She made the call recently in Dar es Salaam after having an audience with a renowned world cyclist Mike Mikulski who is in the country to facilitate his program of becoming the first person to cycle to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and descend in 24 hours.

The Polish cycler is planning to accomplish his mission in September and October this year a feat which if successfully completed, will see him claiming a space in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“Let me take this chance to urge Tanzanians to continue embracing cycling because it is among the sports disciplines we recognise in the country.

“People should know that aside from using bicycles for business purposes in transporting commodities from one place to another, it is a sporting activity that promotes good health,” Chana said.

She then welcomed to Tanzania sports personalities from all over the world to engage in various sporting events they prefer saying the country is blessed with peaceful people who love sports.

“We will continue to promote our nation through Culture, Arts, and Sports in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism in order to reach many people around the world,” she said.

Additionally, the Minister reiterated that what Mike intends to do is a challenge to keep people aware that it is possible to cycle to ascend to the peak of the highest mountain in Africa and descend within a day.

“All those who would like to join him (Mike) in accomplishing his assignment are welcome to do so,” Chana insisted.

On his part, the Polish cyclist said he will use a special electric bicycle used to climb mountains and that once completed, he is going to be happy for becoming the first person in the world to achieve that.

In his remarks, organiser of the event Edward Musimo said Mike has been doing several exercises to keep himself fit and that he recently cycled from Mombasa in Kenya to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania using his 26 kilograms bicycle.

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