Chalk factory in Zanzibar bemoans lack of market  

THE Zanzibar Minister of State- President’s Office (Labour, Economy, and Investment) Mr Mudrik Ramadan Soraga said the government appreciates the contributions made by local investors in supporting industrial growth enhancement.

Speaking at a joint session with executives of Cob-Neth Company Limited based in Mwera Mtofaani village and who engage in manufacturing school chalk, Mr Saroga said the presence of small-scale industries in the country stimulates economic growth.

“Small scale industries help to reduce the problem of unemployment, as some youths have been getting jobs through these industries,” he said.

He said the government’s objective is always to boost the economy, and that there are still vast opportunities for investors to come and invest in various projects, including education, health and agriculture.

Director, Economic Empowerment Agency Mr Juma Burhani Mouhamed urged the factory management to take efforts to find a market by reaching out to people requiring chalk in the areas.

He stressed to entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities available by taking affordable loans offered by the government through Covid-19 relief fund that aims at boosting citizens economically.

Explaining about the development of the chalk factory, the Director of Cob-Neth Company, Mr Jacobo Fabiani Lugwisha said despite the success they have made, they still need capital to expand the business.

“Lack of markets for our product has been a big challenge. Many traders are importing the product from abroad,” he said.

He said that the factory has the capacity of producing 30,000 boxes of chalks per year, but now the production is less due to an unreliable market. The factory has so far created 16 jobs for youth from the area of Mwera Mtofaani

Mr Lugwisha requested the government to check importation of chalk, as currently their factory has the capacity of producing the required standard on a large scale suffice for the local market.

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