CGCLA: 80pc samples of natural medicine qualify for naturopathy

The Government Chemist Laboratory Agency (GCLA) has said that about 80 per cent of samples of natural and alternative medicine examined were found to be safer and meeting international standards.

CGCLA received some 100 samples of concoctions of natural medicines in 2021/2022 from various natural and alternative medicine experts. After examination they showed that 80 per cent were safer for human consumption for treating various health ailments.

CGCLA’s Food and Drug Laboratory Manager, Dr Shimo Peter, said this last week in Morogoro at the conference on medicines and natural products which were part of celebrating the week of African natural medicine organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“Over the past five years, a number of different types of registered and officially recognised natural medicines have been increasing as different experts  submitted their medicines to CGCLA for laboratory testing and certification,” Dr Shimo said.

For example in the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, statistics show that many natural medicines were submitted to CGCLA for examination and most of them were found to have the quality needed for treating humans.

However, Dr Shimo said that there was still rampant use of uncertified natural medicines, which are unsafe and can harm users’ health hence warning the members of the public to stop using naturopaths arbitrarily.

CGCLA Director of Product and Environmental Inspection Mr Sabanitho Mtega called for unregistered herbalists and alternative medicine services providers in the country to register themselves and have their mixtures tested and proven to control and maintain safety standards.

“The law wants all-natural medicine to be registered and tested and approved before approved to be sold to humans for treatment,” said Mr Mtega.

CGCLA has four laboratories one analyzing samples related to environmental and occupational health for the protection of health and the environment.

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