CEOrt advocates ethical leadership

THE CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) is advocating for ethical leadership for growth and prosperity for enhanced trust between the government and the private sector.

The CEOrt Chairman, Mr David Tarimo in Dar es Salaam recently said that ethical leadership for growth and prosperity is championed to recognise the critical role of private sector leaders can play in adopting responsible business practices within their organizations for increased transparency and accountability.

“CEOrt wishes to introduce the organization’s revamped brand identity that encompasses a strong commitment to sustainable development.

This new brand is a reflection of the CEOrt’s relentless pursuit of innovation, collaboration, and continuous growth for the country’s sustained development,” Mr Tarimo said last week during the CEOrt board and members meeting with journalists.
Considering that most of the productive activities have an impact on the environment, CEOrt has raised the climate action agenda, which recognises the critical role of business leaders in driving responsible climate action through the adoption of investments that accelerate decarbonisation and investing in sustainable solutions as aligned with the government’s aim to deliver a 30 per cent reduction of carbon emissions by the year 2030.

CEOrt also is throwing weight into mentoring current and future senior businesses in up to 18 months CEO Apprenticeship Programme (CAP).

The training equips the participant with skills to assume and manage top positions in running small and large-scale enterprises locally and internationally.

Mr Tarimo said that CAP beneficiaries, among other skills, were able to develop local talents and build capacity at a national level in leadership training to experienced Tanzanians both within the public and private sectors to establish peer and CEO networks.

He added that leaders attending the programme went through training, coaching, and mentorship to prepare them to become future CEOs This is one of the recent years and as part of CEOrt’s Thought Leadership agenda, the Board and Members of the organisation recognised an opportunity to more meaningfully contribute to the nation’s development, navigating challenges as opportunities and thus adopting a solutions-oriented outlook.

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