CEOrt advises govt to tap diaspora skills

The CEO roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) has advised the government to tap the country’s diaspora skill to further access eastern and southern African countries’ markets.

The roundtable meeting held recently acknowledge that those in diaspora have accumulated experience living and working in different countries and that knowledge, if shared, is vital for the expansion of the private sector in the country.

CEOrt Chairperson Mr David Tarimo said the government and private sector should be looking at how to increase involvement of those in the diaspora for both investment and gaining expertise.

“The vision of enhanced investment is one that depends on continued joint efforts to realise it,” Mr Tarimo said through a statement released yesterday.

One of the areas proposed was public-private dialogue towards policy and regulatory reform in order to create a friendly business environment for Tanzania’s sustainable development.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation diaspora remittance increased to 569.5million US dollars last year from 400million US dollars in 2019.

Mr Taha Jiwaji, CEO of Beem Africa suggested the adoption of an aggressive marketing strategy to showcase the country as a destination for investment to attract more trade and manufacturing.

“Tanzania is well positioned to influence trading policies, with transport corridors that can expand development opportunities for East and Southern Africa. Let us capitalise on this greatly,” Mr Jiwaji, also a member of CEOrt, said.

The Deputy Minister of Investment, Industry and Trade Exaud Kigahe, who was the guest of honour, said the government is open to public-private dialogue, and continues to take full consideration of all the comments shared by business communities.

“Efforts to keep attracting investments are ongoing, alongside marketing the country,” Mr Kigahe said.

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