Centre for Foreign Relations still important- Govt

THE government has said the Centre for Foreign Relations is still an important institution in the country as it produces graduates who serve in foreign and international related entities.

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Mbarouk Nasser Mbarouk   said the Centre, which is located at Kurasini area in Dar es Salaam, previously served as a strategic entity meant to build capacity for leaders of both Tanzania and Mozambique.

He said given the quality of the centre the government expanded the scope of training by offering courses in the levels of Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Advanced Diploma and Master’s Degree.

The expansion of the scope of training necessitated the college to start recruiting students outside the public service system.

“Until now the centre has produced a good number of diplomats who have landed jobs in the government, private sector, regional and international organisations.

The centre is one of the higher learning institutions, established in 1978 following an agreement between the governments of Tanzania and the Republic of Mozambique.

The centre enjoys a diplomatic status incorporated in Immunities and Privileges Act No.5, 1986. Initially it used to train foreign service officers of the two countries in the discipline of International Relations and Diplomacy.

Overtime, however, the foreign policy expanded, necessitating admitting students from a broad clientele to reflect both, national and global changes.

The deputy minister was prompted to give explanation after Special Seats MP Nusrat Shaaban Hanje questioned the government on the objectives of establishing the centre.

She also suggested to the government to consider changing the centre so that it could start offering courses in other fields instead of focusing on international relations and diplomacy.

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