Census2022: About 93.45 households counted

Average of 93.45 percent of households out of the intended targets for this years’ national Population and Housing Census have been counted as of Aug. 29, Census Commissioner Anne Makinda told reporters in Dar es Salaam on Monday.

The population census that kicked off on Aug. 23 aiming to ensure everyone counted will end today.

Makinda says, residents who have not been counted can visit their local government office and register their details which include phone numbers. “Enumerators will be on standby to visit and count them,” she said.

Makinda detailed that clerks are still working in various areas and that census coordinators at the district level have made arrangements to add clerks from neighboring areas to help complete the exercise.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has also set a call center for citizens who are yet to be counted to call directly to the headquarters. A census official will be sent to their residence for formalizing their data.

The numbers for the call center include- 0753665491; 0764443873; 0626141515; 0784665404 and 0656279424. The numbers will be activated from Aug. 30th through Sept. 5.

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